Different types of catering in Singapore

Avery Lin
3 min readFeb 27, 2020

It is 2020 and foods are always changing and evolving. But what are some trends you need to look out for when it comes to buffet catering? Or perhaps even mini buffet catering and high tea buffet catering? Each of these unique catering serves a different purpose, a different environment and different numbers of pax. You never know when you will need to order a high tea catering or a mini buffet delivery. So how about getting up to speed with these latest trends for 2020?

Buffet Catering

Buffet delivery Singapore is becoming healthier recently due to a shift in food trends in recent years. People are now focusing more on natural and organic foods. Even when it’s not organic or natural, the food is now prepared less oil, less salt or less sugar. Take a look at the menu and you should be able to see some of your healthy favourites or variations. Caterers such as Le Xin Catering have never used MSG in the preparation of their food. They only use natural ingredients to alter the taste of their food, ensuring the best tastes without compromising on health.

Mini Buffet

Mini buffet Singapore is becoming more popular these days due to the increased numbers in small gatherings, co-sharing offices, smaller size parties and small social hangouts. Mini buffets are perfect for smaller size groups or size up to around 12 pax. They don’t look overwhelming as compared to the usual buffet catering where there are trays of food and tons of other logistical work. In fact, mini buffet these days come preheated in takeaway boxes to ease the cleaning and any other unnecessary logistical nightmare. The food choices are not that lacking as well, so the next time you want to host a small meal among a medium sized group, you can try the mini buffet catering selection.

High tea buffet

High tea buffet catering is not as common as the other caterings mentioned above. They are more suited for a corporate setting rather than a personal one. Although “high tea” is mentioned in the buffet, it can be as heavy as a meal depending on your food choices. Compared to a standard buffet or a mini buffet, high tea buffet usually focuses more on light bites, such as salads, pastries, sandwiches, dim sums, desserts and finger food. While they sound perfect for a high tea menu, caterers like Le Xin Catering offer main courses as well such as noodles and rice. You never know who might want to have rice or noodles for high tea.

Buffet Catering Recommendation

You can always try Le Xin Catering for their cheap buffet catering. Their extensive menu will blow you away with their cheap prices. Do not be fooled by their low prices. Healthy food is guaranteed as well as they do not use MSG in their preparation of foods.